Issue connecting Nucleus One to McIntosh C2700 preamp for DA2 DAC integration (ref#2XPGW8)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with my DAC, speakers, streamer, etc.

What best describes the issue with your audio device?

· My device has never shown up in Settings > Audio

Describe the issue

I just received my Nucleus One and am not having success in connecting it to my McIntosh C2700 preamp.
What is the recommended method for getting the output to the DA2 DAC?
I’ve connected the HDMI out to the USB input using an hdmi-usb adapter with no luck.
Will the Nucleus recognize the DA2 if connected using a usb-a to usb-b cable? It doesn’t show up in the audio tab that way?
Right now I can use the McIntosh via a SONOS port but that’s limited to 44.1kHz.
Any assistance is appreciated.

Describe your network setup

Not sure if it’s a network issue, I’m able to stream from Tidal, but I can’t get the hdmi output to work on my McIntosh C2700 pre-amp

I think best method will be using the USB input of the C2700.
Do you have a cable to test it? A regular printer cable will do

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Using a printer cable, the McIntosh doesn’t show up in the audio tab

My McIntosh DAC never showed up saying what it was but something generic if memory serves me correctly.
Are there any different audio zones showing up at all that need enabling in settings:audio?

Nothing that I don’t recognize.

And the One HDMI output doesn’t work either when you enable it?

Correct, I ran the hdmi cable to the hdmi (ARC) input to the DA2 and that doesn’t work either, even after enabling the input on the C2700

Unfortunately I’m out of ideas here.
Never laid hands on the new Nucleus One model so I am working off best known connection principles.
Which does not appear to be making much sense right now.
Hopefully someone else might have some better insights here.

But does Roon think it’s playing?
I mean once you have enabled that HDMI audio zone and selected it as your play to zone does it look like Roon is playing music but just no sound at the C2700 or?

Yes, Roon acts like it’s a viable zone. I can even transfer from the hdmi to my Sonos system and back to the hdmi. Everything appears to be running properly, just no output from the McIntosh

Ok well as I said I’m out of gas here…lol.
Let’s see if anyone else can chime in with other suggestions.

I appreciate the help!

Sorry we don’t have a result yet, it really should not be this hard!

I use a DA2 on my MA8900. Shows up and works fine via USB from a Windows 10 box:

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Thanks… mine just doesn’t show up. Might be typical of the Nucleus One. The new budget Roon box!

What happens again if you enable this?

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I am able to enable it, it then shows up as a zone and as far as everything in the Roon app, it appears to be operational.
The McIntosh input HDMI (ARC) setup is only two options, on/off. With the McIntosh input enabled through setup, there is nothing heard. The McIntosh also allows for the switching of the HDMI CEC VOL and HDMI CEC PWR options and I’ve tried both on/off settings for these.

I forgot. The ARC is not a standard HDMI input. It is an Audio Return Channel. It only works with TVs as an input. You do need to use USB, and preferably a USB 2 (high speed) compatible cable.

Unfortunately with the usb cable connected to the USB input on the DA2 module, Roon doesn’t see the McIntosh DAC

Yes this is the odd part as we discussed earlier, Roon should just see the C2700 as a zone ready to enable once connected.
Just on the off chance do you have another USB cable to try , it would eliminate the case of a bad cable.
Another question how many USB ports does the Nucleus One have?
If more than one have you tried another one?
Edit, I see it has two ports, have you tried both?