Issue connecting Nucleus One to McIntosh C2700 preamp for DA2 DAC integration (ref#2XPGW8)

Two usb ports, tried both with reboots in between.
No other usb-a to usb-b cables laying around and nothing else that uses that cable to troubleshoot with.

Well that’s all I got is try another cable unless you know with absolute certainty that it is a good cable.

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Of course in my world (large scale UPS service tech) nothing is absolute!
Looks like I’m purchasing a second cable! LOL

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Lol…last question and just shooting stars here…have you ever used the USB input on the C2700 before so you know it actually does work?

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Yep, I have used it previously, but not recently. I was using it for Tidal and Roon on a laptop before it crashed. Not saying it is still functional, but the DAC MODULE (DA2) is still in use albeit the coax input.

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The laptop was windows? I suspect You need to use the mcIntosh Windows usb driver, as I suspect an isdue with the Linux OS. Id call McIntosh tech and ask about connecting to a Linux pc via usb.

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Yeah, we have seen many such McIntosh-with-Linux USB issues previously on the forum.

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Hello @John_Cross1 ,

Thanks for your query. I looked up this device and I was able to find the manual for the C2700 at the below link:

From page 27 in the manual, I see this listed:

The C2700 USB Input is compatible with PC Computers using Microsoft®, Windows 7 (SP1), Windows
8.1 and Windows 10. It is also compatible with Apple® Macintosh® Computers using OS-10.6.8 or later.

I don’t see any mention of Linux compatibility via USB (and Nucleus runs Linux), so I would reach out to McIntosh to confirm this, but this incompatibility may very well be the issue of why it is not appearing.