Issue connecting to TIDAL

Roon Configuration
Core: QNAP TVS882 i5 RAID 5. Roon core on 500mb SSD.
Remotes: Google Nexus 9 & Lenovo Helix i7 w/Windows 10
QNAP>DLink unmanaged switch & Verizon FIOS router>SOtM SMS200ultra>SOtM USBultra>Esoteric K-01X USB
Roon V1.5 (build 360) 64 bit
NAS version:
QPKG-Version: 2018-06-14

Problems 1:
Tidal has dropped out of the Roon menu and will not load within Roon. On both remote tablets, Tidal opens normally outside of Roon from the browser or Tidal desktop icon. Roon shows Settings>Services “Tidal not connected.” Logging in from that screen will not work: the reply prompt is “Network error. Please check your connection” boxed in pink.

Problem 2:
Settings>Account “Error retrieving account information” (does not reload).

“Core: NASxxxxxx
Roon Version 1.5 (build 360) stable (64 bit)
There was an error checking for an update.”

Hi @David_Garretson,

Based on the errors it seems like there may be some networking troubles here. Can you confirm that this device has an internet connection outside of Roon?

Since experiencing this behavior have you tried to reboot the Core machine?

Thanks, works fine now! The QNAP NAS was failing to connect to the web. Issue is resolved by selecting automatic connection to DNS server address instead of manual connection to static address. As I’m a novice with the QNAP and QFinder control software, I don’t know why this occurred. The QNAP had been running fine for 18 months since original installation. It updated its BIOS yesterday. Perhaps that triggered the disconnect.

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