Issue ez-02: Add option to Settings to disable roon radio so it won't show in right side of the queue browser

Add option to Settings to disable roon radio so its panel isn’t displayed in right side of the queue browser.

This is pretty much essential for me. Why?

  1. On my 17.5” laptop, it is a difficult stretch for my right thumb to reach over the radio panel to scroll the list. It is even a problem on a 9.5” iPad air. So have to change how I interact with the screen to scroll it’s contents when switching between the queue browser and any other page in roon.
  2. When I forget about this, I turn roon radio on by accident and then am shocked when an album finishes and the expected silence is broken by something unrelated.
  3. I rarely use roon radio and would not mind going into Settings to turn it on.
  4. It’s not on the queue browser activity on Android. Yeah!
  5. It mucks up the visual theme used elsewhere in roon with its lighter gray background and icon that looks like an infant teething ring.
  6. If it’s hidden, the track information will use the entire screen width, and an optimized layout could be used that needs only two lines per track. This would allow more tracks to be seen at once.
  7. It doesn’t fit in visually with the queue browser. But I won’t care about that once I can hide it.
    Pretty please?
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