Issue ez-10: App switching on iPad doesn’t reload album page

App switching on iPad doesn’t reload album page.

When switching back to roon from another app, albums don’t load in at least one reproducible circumstance.

  1. While in the queue browser, switch to another app and then back to roon
  2. Tap on an album image in the queue, and a spinner shows with “Loading album…”
  3. The album page never loads.
  4. Go to another browser such as the album browser.
  5. Tap on the album and it will load.

Hi @ezman,

Can you please share a screen recording of this behavior?

How would you like me to send the video to you?

@ezman - Can you upload to Dropbox / Google Drive and post a link here?

I can’t recreate this problem now. If it shows up again, I’ll make a video. If not, it’s been fixed.

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