Issue ez-24: Add option in Settings for default album view sorting

Add option in Settings for default album view sorting.

The album browser always defaults to sorting by artist. This is usually not what I want, as I come to the album browser from the artist’s page.

Hi @ezman,
Not for me … I typically leave it in sort by date added.
Can I suggest you reboot the Roon Core and then retest.

After rebooting the server, the album browser is sorted by Album Title the first time I open it. (But it’s not sorted by Date Added as it is for you.) It was my mistake to presume it always opens sorted by Artist.

But whenever I come to the album browser by selecting “View All Albums” from an Artist page, the album browser is sorted by Artist. This is only place I know of to open the album browser other than from the left sidebar menu, and it is always sorted by Artist through this route.

Confirmed, I see this two.

So the feature request would be for Roon to also persist the previously selected sort order for this use case as well.

Sounds reasonable to me.

To me, it makes sense to use a default (from Settings) whenever a new album browser is open, regardless of the navigation path. Again, for me, I’m almost always interested in sorting albums by recording date. (See Issue ez-05: Add option to Settings to allow album date sorting by “date recorded”). I don’t think this feature would hinder anybody who doesn’t care about the sort order.

It also makes sense to me to persist the chosen sorting for each instance of the album browser in the navigation stack. So for album browser A, when new browsers or pages are opened (including new album browsers), the sort order is kept/restored so if/when A is reopened by navigating back through the history stack to A via “<” at top left. roon might already do this.

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