Issue ez-32: Cannot pin threads, drop down to pin/unpid thread at bottom doesn't work

Some posts are pinned at the top of forum listings, such as About the Nucleus Support category in the support forum. After reading such posts, when I select the “pinned” option in the “pinned/unpinned” drop down list near the bottom to keep it “personally” pinned (as designed, per @dylan) the drop down resets to “unpinned”.

I’ve change the category from Nucleus support to Roon Community Site.

If you refresh the page you’ll see that your choice is retained.

You should also check your settings in Preferences|Interface here on the forum:


You might want to make sure that topics don’t get automatically unpinned when you reach the bottom.

Thanks, Martin.

I was reading a post in the Nucleus support forum when I started to compose this thread. Realizing that this was the wrong forum, I selected the #support forum in the drop down in the second row of options at the top of the “edit post” popup. I guess it didn’t register.

If your preference isn’t set to unpin automatically, then a post will stay pinned by default. No need to fiddle with the pinned/unpinned option, which always seemed to be unreliable for me, better to read the blurb next to it…
This topic is pinned for you; it will display at the top of its category

Thanks, BlackJack. Unchecking “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom” did the trick.

However, there’s still a minor issue. When I select “pinned” from the drop down, the text beside it is updated correctly, but the drop down still says “unpinned”. Perhaps the powers that be can report this to the maintainers or submit a pull request.

Do you think this is worth creating a topic in #support?

I’m just a (regular) user of this forum. The forum software in use is Discourse and thus not under direct control of the Roon Labs staff. Reporting errors might always be a good idea as else things may never change. But as of my understanding, the #support category of this forum is for reporting issues with the Roon software. Issues with the forum should be reported here in the #roonlabsllc:meta (where we are right now) category of the forum.

I’ll just leave it alone.

FYI, discourse is open source on github, so anybody can fix problems and have them integrated into the product if the owners approve of the fix. I don’t have any real experience with ruby, the language it’s written in.