Issue ez-36: roon draws waveform incorrectly outside of playback position slider

roon draws waveform incorrectly outside of playback position slider.

I noticed this regression several times in the last week. I don’t know how long it has been behaving like this, probably only recently. Client is Windows 10.

In the diagram, one can see how roon draws the waveform of the music underneath and outside of right side of the position slider and underneath the track length text. Before this regression, the waveform always ended just the the left of the track length text. Clicking underneath the text or to the right does not change the current playback position.

This area draws in grey like the rest of the track when the track starts to play, and gets colored blue eventually.

Hi @ezman,

We have some improvements coming in our next release related to the display of the waveform. This is still in testing, so I can’t provide any specific timelines, but we hope it will be available soon. Let us know how it goes after the update!

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