Issue loading Database - Box Fresh Nucleus+

I’ve been a Roon Mac user for 3 years, probably more.

Never once have I had to rebuild and restore the database.

I switched to a Nucleus+ a week ago - and since then I’ve had the database fail 3 times. It’s a large database and takes several hours to restore. It’s just gone again, and I’m minded to just pack the Nucleus back up and take it back to my dealer.

The Nucleus+ has an 8TB SSD in it - and hasn’t suffered a power failure. Network is into an English Electric switch, and then into a Naim ND555 streamer.

I bought the Nucleus+ (At considerable expense over my previous solution of a Large USB HDD on a Mac) thinking it would deliver bullet proof performance and availability. Nope.

I raised a ticket when it failed yesterday - but nobody got back to me. So…… Any ideas?

Before I pack it up - any suggestions? …

Did you buy it online or from a dealer?

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As you mentioned you have a large database I’m assuming you restored from a database created on your previous core. If that’s the case then it may be that your database contained the latent corruption that builds 880 and 882 are supposed to address.

As for suggestions: I think you need to work out whether this is a problem with the Nucleus+ or your database. To test if it’s the database you could try restoring from an older backup (though there’s no guarantee that these are corruption free). If that works it would suggest that the Nucleus is OK. You could also revert back to your previous core and try updating it to build 882 if you haven’t already done so. If that works it would point to a problem with the Nucleus.

Good luck.

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From a UK authorised dealer

This is really useful - the Nucleus+ is on build 882

The database is reporting that is healthy.

Thanks and Agreed.

I didn’t know there was an ongoing database corruption issue that Roon were dealing with.

I’ll try one more restore and see what comes out of that!

…interestingly - the last backup I have is for build 880

I ask as part of the deal should be dealer support.

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To confirm that the database is OK you could try and run a manual backup. If it really is OK then Roon should allow the backup to run. If, on the other hand, it detects any (latent) corruption it may block the backup process and suggest that you restore from a previous version.


Just restored the database from the last backup i did of Mac Roon - it’s currently rescanning the new storage location (internal on the Nucleus+ as opposed to on the USB drive) and once this is complete, I’ll try a backup to see if we have a good database.

Slight tangent - but I’d spent ages creating a playlist - which has been lost in between databases - you don’t know if that might be retrievable from within the RoonServer.old I created before blatting the database do you?

No, sadly not, at least not as far as I know.

Try build 884. Can you show us the exact error you get. There are two similar words and my guess is that you don’t have corruption.

You probably just need an update, not a restore.

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Hi there - I’m on 884 now and I’ve not had the problem since then. Almost a week. Christmas Playlists were unfortunately fine :roll_eyes::joy:

So I’m thinking this is nailed. The operation of the Nuclues+ is so much slicker and more reliable than running on (a pretty high spec) Mac Mini - so I think my buyers regret has abated. Thanks :pray:

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