Issue loading database - issue loading library

getting the “issue loading your database” message. Rebooted - no change. Trying to start a new database but can’t figure out how to stop Roon from running in my Nucleus Web UI - I can’t open Roon. Says I don’t have an internet connection . . . . but I do. I can still transfer files
to the internal storage. Not sure what to do. Any help appreciated.

Your database is probably corrupted. Do you take Roon Backups? If so, and your database was corrupt at the time of the last backup, you should have been notified.

Unless your files are coming over the internet, that doesn’t mean you are connected to the internet.

My files are coming over the internet, directly to the Nucleus.

I think that is just file transfer over the network.
Which is an entirely different thing to over Ethernet.
Which does not correlate to having Internet access unfortunately.

Thank you all for your wise council. Rebooted router, installed Roon update. All is good. Gotta say, these networking issues, when I’m completely and mysteriously cut off from music, makes me long for vinyl. And then it all works and I’m a happy camper.

They were coming over the intranet, i.e. your home network, not the internet. Confusing, isn’t it?`

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