Issue loading database on Innuos Zen mini 3

Innuos Zen Mini 3 Ver 2.07

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Gigabit network Cat 6A - both wired and wireless - makes no difference to problem

Connected Audio Devices

MacBook Pro and iPad Pro and iPhone - same issue on all
2 X Meridian 218 and Meridian DSP 52KSE( and three other Meridian zones) and Naim Muso 2 and Sonos Move - same issue on all

Number of Tracks in Library

Circa 24000 tracks - circa 2100 albums - resident CDs and Tidal

Description of Issue

“There was issue loading your data base” same on all devices
This problem started yesterday 03/11. I have understood there was some kind of update = involving need for “libicu” whatever that is - I have no idea.

Roon website Help desk states the Innuos equipment is compatible with the revised dependencies… but this does not seem to be the case

I have rebooted the Zen Mini twice but no change - problem persists

Please advise

and also

Notwithstanding you view, the Roon help desk on this latest update states that listed Roon partners including Innuos have been contacted and confirmed that these new dependencies whatever are indeed supported.

Roon’s constant slagging off Innuos products is tedious and supercilious - not consistent with a leading professional organisation. It really is a shame and is detracting from your integrity

Hi @Huw, this isn’t any different from the last time we spoke-- you have a failing harddrive and need to get in touch with Innuos for a replacement. I expect that will do the trick!

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Innuos have checked the hard drive twice - there is no evidence of errors or other issues. Pay heed to my earlier comments.
The Zen Mini has been running perfectly on a daily basis since your update build 806 in July which completely solved the previous problem.
The current problem occurred on November 3rd coincident with your latest update- Libicu related??

I have resolved this problem for now by clearing the Roon data base on the Zen Mini and then reconfiguring and re- loading the lot.
The down side of this, aside of the tedious time it all takes is the the “date added” filter becomes effectively obsolete as the entire library ( 2200 albums) defacto becomes latest date added. For us that a real pain because we use the date added. Filter almost the whole time to play our most recent albums.

That’s why I changed Roon’s default import setting (changed to file creation time) and actually started to add the “IMPORTDATE” tag to my files. Obviously this won’t work for tracks/albums from streaming providers. Read more in:

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