Issue loading database

Hey. I was listening to music this morning and all of a sudden Roon stopped playing. I now receive a “There was an issue loading your database” message. I rebooted my server and still get the message.

My server is a Small Green Computers Sonictransporter i7. My players are a Sonore Signature Rendu, A Logitech Transporter, and Logitech Squeezebox. I play Tidal and local files from a large external hard drive of music (4,000 plus albums). I live in the mountains and thus have fairly frequent power outages.

I use the Roon app as the remote. My Internet is though Centurylink with a newly updated and much faster net connection. I connect to my players by ethernet, which goes though a D-Link switch.

Help please.

Hope you take Roon Backups because you need to Restore Roon’s database.

To aid in preventing future problems like this, which is probably because of a power outage, you should put the Roon Server machine on a UPS.

Thanks. I think I need the help of SMG to restore the database.

I am using surge protector with the server, but do not know what a UPS is??

Do you take Roon Backups? If not, then nothing’s going to help you and you’ll need to start with a fresh database, but (of course) wait for SMG if you want.

Uninterruptible Power Supply. When you lose power the UPS will power your device for some time, but not forever. So, you need to shut down device before the UPS battery charge runs out.

Beaten to it by @xxx

Uninterruptable Power Supply

A box of tricks with a battery (say 12V) when the mains drops the electronic wizardry detects it and starts to supply 240 V from an Inverter that converts 12 V → 240 v

That way you PC doesn’t just stop dead and you get to close it down properly , this is quite important for Windows , just stopping a PC can really screw up Windows. Roon db also can get corrupted by a dead drop, so set up your Settings>Backup to back up automatically every couple of days

Some are quite small and give you 10–20 mins jut to react and close down safely.

Beware the deep cycle Lead Acid batteries used in these UPS are not designed for heavy discharge , running them down seriously shortens their life. It’s whole technology , I live in South Africa I KNOW :sunglasses:

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Great suggestion on the UPS, I just ordered one from Amazon.

Unfortunately, I was having issues with database backup. Oh well.

Any ideas on how to add fresh database? I found Sonictransporter instructions on how to access database (I have dome so), but I could not find an instructions for adding the fresh database…


Delete the database and bring up Roon. It will create a new database. Of course you have lost any tags, edits, etc…

You should straighten out your problems with Roon Backup so that any future database problems can be more easily addressed.

Thanks. I deleted the database, but I cannot open Roon. I still get the “issue loading…” message. Ideas?

Thanks for the help

I rebooted and think everything is working.

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