Issue transferring music files from PC to Nucleus via USB - Assistance needed (ref#VPUKGF)

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· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

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I am not that savvy with networks. I have my new Nucleus plugged in and I wanted to transfer music from my PC to the Nucleus. I was able to load all the files on to a USB and it was plugged into the Nucleus and worked great. However, it is still on USB. Please help. I will pay to have someone help me setup. Or refer me to someone that can set it up. Pleaseeeee

Describe your network setup

EEro 6 plus and three network switches. The Nucleus is in the Man cave. the PC is in the house. I was connecting fine via Cambridge to roon on PC before installing Nucleus.

Are you trying to copy the music to the internal storage of the Nucleus?

I ask because it’s in principle just fine if the music is on a USB disk that’s attached to the Nucleus.

Yes. I guess i get a bigger drive. Seems a bit od a waste not to use internal storage

If you have the optional 2.5" drive installed in your Nucleus and want to store your music on it, you need to copy your files to it over the network. See this Help article for details:

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Note that you need to install a second drive in 2.5“ SATA format to use as internal storage. You can’t put music on the primary built-in drive

Ah, da I feel like an idiot. Thank you I understand now. I get it.

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