Issue: Watching an iTunes Music folder, endless loop


My apologies if this has been discussed before. Pointers to existing threads are welcomed.

I’m currently on the trial for Roon. I have a headless Mac Mini (10.9.5) with an external FW800 drive that houses several different iTunes library folders; one for primary use, one for classical only, one for spoken word, etc. At over 2TB of iTunes data, I prefer to have Roon “watch” these folders instead of importing, particularly as I’m in trial mode.

Whenever I try to go into the Settings>Storage dialogue to “Add Folder”, I can browse to the folder in question. But when I try to Add that folder, Roon seems to quit working. Sometimes, the “Browse” button blinks rapidly, pauses, and then blinks again, over and over. On other attempts, Roon just sits there silently. But in either case, nothing is happening and I have to Force Quit the Roon application.

Interestingly, I have an iTunes folder in my user/music area, but nothing in it, and Roon is also watching another music folder. Although I can’t seem to get any of my iTunes library visible in Roon, Roon seems to know some of my collection, based on some of the albums I see. And yet, they all seem to be ‘streaming from Tidal.’

Am I approaching this the wrong way?


Hey @Rob_Hanson – sorry for the trouble here.

This is definitely the right approach, and the one we recommend.

So, you’re connected to the headless machine, right? Not using a Roon remote? Not running RoonServer?

In Roon, what are you seeing on the Storage tab of Settings? Could you post a screenshot? Is iTunes showing up there? Is it enabled?

Let me know and we’ll figure out what’s going on here.

Hi, Mike,

I can get you a screen shot later, but it’s what I would assume is the standard dialogue screen for adding a folder to the watched folders list. If I browse to hdd/iTunes Libraries/ITunes Primary (my designation for my primary music collection on the external HDD) and select that folder, I’m taken out of the folder selection pop up, back to the Add Folder screen with the Browse button blinking… sometimes.

I’m not using Roon Remote. I connect to the Mini via Share Screen, which is how I usually address the Mini from my iMac27 or MacBook Pro.


Ok, from what you’re describing I’m actually thinking this sounds a little bit like a display issue, maybe related to Share Screen. We can grab some logs from you and see if we’re able to get a better sense of the error.

If you’re open to it, it would be great to try a different remote desktop app, to see if that has an effect on the crash you’re experiencing. Personally, I really like TeamViewer.

You could also try adding the folder using Roon Remote – if you know the path (which it seems like you do :slight_smile: ) you can add the Watched folder via any other supported Mac, PC, Android tablet, or iPad in the house.

I’m going to follow up via PM with instructions for sending logs over. Stand by!

Teamviewer for the Win! I second mike on that.