Issue with 1.2 and Roon HQP NAA

Since installing 1.2, if I pause playback in Roon for more than a few minutes, Roon loses connection with HQP and HQP loses the connection to the NAA (the NAA stops showing up in the “device” box in HQP settings).

Roon itself is still connected to the network, as is the NAA. (both still show up and respond in browser based interfaces). The DAC still shows a connection to the NAA, but there isn’t playback. As I said, the NAA stops showing up as the “device” in Roon. This didn’t happen before 1.2.

Just rebooting Roon or HQP - or both - doesn’t help.
The only workaround is to reboot the NAA device itself.

I’m running RoonServer and HQP Desktop on Win10, and the NAA is an SMS-100 (Sonic Orbiter OS).

Anyone else experience something like this?

Actually, a user at computeraudiophile solved this for me. Apparently I had accidentally unclicked the “allow network control” button in HQP. Turning it back on solved the problem.

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Getting back to this, as it turns out the “allow network control” isn’t the issue.

I’m simply losing connection to the NAA at random intervals - sometimes after one minute, sometimes after a few hours. I’m getting the “lost control of endpoint” message in Roon, and the only way I seem to be able to restore the connection is by rebooting the NAA, which is a time consuming and annoying process in my setup (as that requires me to also shut down the Mytek DAC and the amp).

I’m not seeing any pattern or cause to the loss of connection to the NAA. It may be somehow connected to no signal coming from Roon to HQP, but today it happened between songs while playing an album. It’s become enough of an issue that I’ve stopped using the NAA device for now.

My RoonServer core and HQP desktop are on the same server.

Before the Roon 1.2 update I had an absolutely rock stable connection - with all the same hardware.

Also posted this at the HQP/Roon thread at CA, hoping Jussi might have some insight.

What kind of DAC do you have and what output format are you using?

HQPlayer log file could help showing where the problem is, if you could email it to me.


The DAC is a Mytek 192 DSD. Server is Windows 10 (RoonServer 1.2 + HQP Desktop 3.13)

The NAA is a SOtM SMS-100.

I’ve activated the NAA and will send you a log file next time the problem occurs.


Well, 3 days have gone by and teh problem hasn’t re-occurred. Very odd, as when I originated the thread it had happened repeatedly over a few days.
Maybe I had some network issue that I inadvertently solved when I disconnected the NAA and then put it back in the system?