Issue with 1.8 album/artist review displays on iPad

1.8 / 764 + iPad Air iOS 14.4.

I am continuing my demo of 1.8 on a test system. Noticed very odd and undesirable behaviour in the design of the album/artist review display. Suppose I pull up the review of a now-playing album. As I go to scroll it to read the review, if there is even a fraction of left movement in my thumb as I drag it, I suddenly find the display has flipped to the artist biog. I’ve attempted to show this in the screenshot, but it does not represent the full experience of how, upon trying to scroll an album review, without a careful level of scroll precision, the artist biog will suddenly appear on the screen. This is maddening. I appreciate that some criticism of 1.8 can be viewed as subjective, but surely this is a design flaw?

By the way, when reading a review, would be great if the very large lower banner could take up less space.

I’m not sure if this is the issue, but one thing I learned, is the little down carrot, just above Credits to expand the text, was very hard to get it to expand the text, I kept trying to click it and it never worked, until I, learned, the entire text block, not the carrot is the hotspot, and once clicked, the reverse action is again touch the text to shrink or return.

By the way, that is a pic of me trying to successfully click the expand carrot

that album cover is a perfect representation of me using 1.8. Reached my limit for the day, listening to music is not meant to be a software endurance experience, back to my 1.7 core for rest of the weekend.

In relation to the scrolling issue I noted, if someone uses their thumb to scroll (perfectly natural thing to do), it’s likely to describe an arc, not a plumb-vertical movement. Would be good if the iPad app could account for that.

I have a similar but different issue, in general with web pages, I have an Android S6 tablet, and I have no clue why, but I put my finger on some text, and slowly move it as I read, but my silly tablet decides, after so many seconds to jump a page or so, I have not figured this out yet but it drives me nuts, so I have to remember to take my finger off the screen or it will jump.

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