Issue with Adding Album to Qobuz Favorites in Roon Client (ref#PUDH53)

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How do I add a new album in the Roon client to my Qobuz favourites? Clicking on the heart in Roon does nothing. Album is only available in Qobuz. Is there a delay to before it appears as a Qobuz favourite?

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Nothing to do with network. Network is fine.

I assume this is a new problem for you so, You can like (heart) the item in Qobuz which should then be reflected in Roon.
If it doesn’t appear automatically then go to Settings/Service/Qobuz(edit) & click the link “Sync library now.”

If you haven’t added a Qobuz album before the click the + button as indicated in the screenshot…

If that doesn’t work then provide the details requested in the support form so that we can help further.

Yes clicking on the + worked but that isn’t always visible. The heart is but I assume that is making the album some sort of Roon favourite.

Also the added album can be seen as a favourite in the Qobuz client but not in Roon even though it has appeared to refresh. Is there some sort of delay?

Doing a manual sync has not worked either. Two new albums are not visible under Qobuz favourites in Roon but they are visible in the Qobuz client and Lightning DS which is the Auralic client

Ok I think we have got there. The albums have now appeared so it may need a manual sync to get back to Roon.

If the + isn’t visible that usually means the item is already in your library. The heart is equivalent to making an item a Favourite within Roon itself.

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