Issue with ARC on iPhone 12 Pro only playing 1 song in queue and then stopping (ref#8IJNEY)

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· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

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By using ARC on my iPhone 12 Pro only 1 Song of a Queue is played and than ARC stops playing. I have connected my Helmet Schuberth with Bluetooth on my Motobike. ARC is not usable with this Error 😭.
I restarted all Gadgets: no Change.

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NUC Rock, Fritz!Box, Telekom

Hi @W_Ermgassen,
Thank you for writing in to let us know about this issue. Do the playback stops happen when you are on your home wifi? Try the port forwarding troubleshooting steps here.

Hi Daniel,

no Problem with home Wifi. And no Error in roon/Arc.

Please upload a screen recording of this playback failure happening here

Hello Daniel,

I have this problem while riding my motorcycle.
I can see that the connection is sometimes briefly interrupted.
At home, the problem cannot be reproduced even when the WLAN is switched off.

LG Werner

When using ARC with your motorcycle is it connected to a helmet sound system of some kind?

Yes, my iPhone ist connected to the Headset in my Helmet. I tested the function also when I was standing: it seems, that the Problem may not be the System, but the interruptions of the mobile Connection: it looks unreliable in ARC…

Do the problems persist when driving somewhere like a city or other places with good cellular coverage?

During driving I feel no difference. It looks like the Problem is not the Quality of the Mobile Network, but the Number of interruptions.
I have no Idea why it stops reliable at the End of One Song. Is there any Problem with the filling of the Cache, if the Interruptions are too numerous?

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