Issue with ARC skipping to previous track instead of restarting current track on 2014 Porsche w/ Burmester stereo (ref#6T8NMP)

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I've been using ARC via Bluetooth in my car (2014 Porsche w/ Burmester) since release and recently (last month-ish) when I hit the back button on my stereo, ARC skips past the beginning of the track and plays the previous track instead of the beginning of the track. I now need to hit forward skip to get back to the song I wanted to hear again.

The back button works as I expect in Apple Music, Qobuz, Spotify. It's only misbehaving in ARC and it used to work fine until recently.

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ATT Fiber modem, Cisco CBS350-24P-4G switch

Hi @HaroldChasen,

Thank you for the report. I’ll escalate this to our ARC Dev team, who is currently working to iron out inconsistencies with head units.

Two quick clarifications:

What’s the model of either the car or the Burmester head unit itself? These bugs are often device-specific, so we’ll want to pin that information down if possible.

Does this reproduce if you connect via USB-C instead of BT?


Hiya @Connor,

It’s a 2014 Boxster S and the head unit is stock (not aftermarket). It has satellite radio, SatNav, and DVD audio.

I just tried with a USB cable and the head unit sees it as an iPod instead of BT but the same issue occurs.

Thank you!

Hi @HaroldChasen,

Do you have an approximate timestamp of when this last occurred? Thanks!

I just reproduced the issue and hit the back button on the head unit at 10:05am. It skipped past the beginning of the song I was playing and began playing the previous track. I pressed the skip forward button on the head unit 5 seconds later to return to the original track.

I then let it play until 10:06am and repeated the above.