Issue with Audio Devices Disappearing After Remote Wake from Sleep via WoL (ref#DTE75G)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with my DAC, speakers, streamer, etc.

What best describes the issue with your audio device?

· My device used to show up in Settings > Audio, now it's gone

Describe the issue

Core Roon server is a powerful and up to date Windows 11Pro 23H2 desktop. Roon server and client software versions also kept up to date. This is a long running problem since Roon was installed on this machine. I am a lover of both a) Windows "power saving" features and b) my ability to remotely wake the Core/server machine via WoL (using either my SqueezeBox remote controls or my phone). After a few minutes without playing music the server often goes to sleep as expected. The issue is that *sometimes* (about 70% of the time) when remotely woken from sleep via WoL, Roon reports that there are no audio devices (and the devices usually listed on the "Settings">"Audio" page have disappeared). When that happens, if I attend the server in-person and log in to Windows, the devices magically reappear in Roon. Thanks

Describe your network setup

Wired network of multiple squeezeboxes

Hello @Matthew_Jobling ,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you confirm if you have set up RoonServer as per these instructions?

When you reproduce the issue, I assume you are fully shutting off the PC and not just putting it into Sleep/Hibernate mode, correct?

Hi Noris! Thanks for your reply and for endeavouring to help me. I can see from your questions that I did not describe the issue very well. Sorry about that. I was trying to describe the behaviour of the Roon music system, as viewed from any Roon client on my network (e.g. Windows or Android clients with Roon installed), when the Roon server is remotely awakened from Sleep - sometimes the audio devices are all present, and sometimes they are all not - it shows some kind of message to the effect of it searching for devices. This happens only sometimes - not every time - an intermittent issue. When the issue occurs, it is remedied by me walking over to the Roon server and physically logging in to Windows on that device - when I do so, all the audio devices magically return to the list (as viewed by any of my Roon clients)

I have not performed any configuration in the Windows OS of my Roon server for the OS to automatically login. My understanding of the way Roon Server functions is that it behaves like a service in that my Roon clients should be able to connect to the server, see the audio devices, play music etc. regardless of whether any user is logged in to the console of the server. Thanks

Hi @Matthew_Jobling,

We’ve examined diagnostic reports automatically sent to our servers in the interim period and captured what we can assume is the event you’re describing.

In this case, RoonServer is logging a forbidden access error when attempting to access a network socket. Do you have any antivirus software on this machine that might be interfering with RoonServer’s network activity when backgrounded?

I’d also double-check that the location in which you’ve installed the database (RoonServer folder) has adequate permissions on this machine.

Hi Connor. Fantastic - thank you for taking the time to look at diagnostic info for me

Interesting idea that some security software might be doing this. As I’m sure you are aware, these days there is quite a long list of security software features just included in the Windows OS in relation to such things as virus/threat/ransomware protection, firewall, app control, exploit protection etc… In addition to this I have MalwareBytes Premium and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office installed

Regarding the latter two I could experiment with selectively disabling them (or some of their features) to see if it changes the reliability of Roon being able to access the output devices after wake-up from sleep via WoL

I’ll try to do that and will report back


Hi @connor I’ve taken some time to disable both MalwareBytes Premium and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, then experiment with a few WoL tests. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like either of these two pieces of security software are causing the issue as it persisted throughout the test regardless of whether either was enabled/disabled

What do you advise?


Hi @Matthew_Jobling,

Thank you for your patience. The connection between RoonServer/RAATServer and all Zones (including Squeezebox, Chromecast, and others) is severed when this machine goes to sleep, and upstream requests from RoonServer to the internet subsequently encounter timeouts and network reachability failures. Upon waking, RoonServer does appear to be logging handshakes with these Zones, but it takes some time for the device announcements to filter through the network/drivers and engage with RoonServer. To the user, this would match the symptoms you’ve described.

In logs, we can see RoonServer’s other background processes fail during hibernation, as well. Roon can’t reliably reach the broader internet to check the time or ping account servers to authorize sessions.

First off, is RoonServer.exe a whitelisted process in the Windows Defender firewall?

Secondly, do you have IGMP snooping enabled in the system administration settings of your routers and managed switches? Please list any network hardware other than the main router in use with your audio ecosystem. The more detail, the more efficiently we can identify the failure point. Thanks!