Issue with Chopin boxed set

Yet another grouping issue that’s driving me nuts. This is Disc 3 from the Chopin box set called Solo Piano Vol 1. The other 3 discs group fine under the title. Disc 3 will not group with the other 3 no matter what I try. Compilation (yes/no), rescan, selecting the tracks manually and saving them to the box set.

To follow up on my last post, why if I identify these tracks using the tool as shown in this screenshot, clearly shown as Disc 3, why don’t the tracks show up under the main listing with the other 3 discs?

Hi @Lance_Goler,

Can you share a screenshot of this album in the file location via Finder or File Explorer so we can see the folder structure?

If you haven’t already seen it, definitely check out this article about Box Sets in Roon.

Have you looked if the Album Tag is the same for all discs and that the Disc # Tag is set correctly

Try MP3Tag as an external Tag editor, it’s free

I often find removing the set from the watched folder, clean up library then record the set once you’ve fixed worlds best