Issue with Composer Sorting


I’m running Roon Core on win10 on a medium sized library with 1100 albums.
300 of those albums are classical albums. Those claasical albums have been properly tagged
with consistent composer names ( using the COMPOSER tag) and a tag allowing the recover each song performance
( with the COMPOSITION tag).

I don’t expect Roon to match my composition tag with its own performance index.

But I’m a little surprised with the results i’m getting with the composer index

For example for my beethoven albums. all the files are tagged with Beethoven, Ludwig van ( 1770-1827).

In the composer view, those lists are splitted into two containers one with Ludwig van Beethoven and the other
with the files tag as key. I have for example 405 works under Ludwig van Beethoven and 159 works
under the files tag container

I have the same issue with other composers with a large number of albums like Chopin or Mozart.

Is there a way to fix this with Roon ? If Not what would be the way of fixing this manually ( by some
manual modification of the files).

Even if some albums are not found in the database Roon is using to populate metadatas,
they should be easily added to the proper container ( since the files have all
the same tag)

Thanks for your answer

Hey @Stringerbell!

Sorry for the slow response here. We’re working on changes related to Roon’s handling of classical music, so some of this is in flux right now, and you can expect it to improve over the coming months.

That said, as a general rule, Roon is going to work best when your content is matched up to the rich metadata in our database, and while I understand the motivation, I think you’re going to have better results with Ludwig van Beethoven than Beethoven, Ludwig van ( 1770-1827), if I’m understanding you correctly.

Once your albums are identified, you can choose to sort composers by first or last name, and you can use Focus to browse by when they were alive, so you won’t need to write out that kind of data into the tags.

The best way is probably to make sure your albums are identified – more info here.

@joel is our resident metadata expert, but he’s travelling at the moment. If any of the above is unclear, or if you have any other questions, let us know and he or I can look into it for you.


Mike, basically I feel good to hear your general message about improving roon’s metadata management because I’m absolutely interested in imporvements about classical metadata management especially in the area of composers and works. Because I know metadata or master data issue is a pain in many business areas please can you explain a bit more in detail the following two topics:

  • what do you mean by “improve over the coming months”. Does it mean there is e.g. something like an update and improvement will appear at a dedicated point of time or is this more something like “a background mapping approach” and it will be a cleansed/improved like a day to day improvement - creep? What is the story behind?
  • Is there any way to group works by myself. I have the feeling there is much room for improvement getting the works under control - at least by unloved manual individual work.

By the way: I very much like the implemented mechanism how you allow users to map genres - would’t it be a step forward for the user friendlyness to apply this tool for works and composers too? This thought follows the idea: you can have the best strategy for meta data content strategy but I fear users have their individual view respective requirement how detailed meta data should support the individual asset catalog.