Issue with DMC 600SE device + Roon

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Hi @shlomo_reichani,

It looks like the thread was automatically closed before I got a chance to see your latest message, so I have gone ahead and re-opened it.

I don’t believe you have provided network setup information yet, can you please let me know the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear and how the Core and NUC are connected to the network here? This will be useful in debugging the behavior you’re seeing.

Hi Noris
Thanks for come back. On last couple of days it seems stable and functioning … I do not see the NUC disappear from the settings…
I hope this continue as it is now… As for your questions I own a router dedicated to only my Stereo System and my Home Theather. My internet at this network is strong and about 90mb/s. My NUC is also dedicated to music only. It is connected to the network via Ethernet and connected also via expensive audiophiles USB cable. I believe that what missing was updates not taken in all the chain…So I did install all Roons server Bridge to all devices… maybe that was the issue…Sure hope so .