Issue with grouping albums

Hi I’m a new Roon User and am having a couple of issues hoping someone can help me.

  1. I have spent quite a bit of time grouping my albums on my iPad with no problems, I was surprised when I loaded up my Mac OS page to see none of the changes were showing. Surely I don’t have to repeat this again, is this the case?

  2. I tried using the same Group Alternate versions say with 3 albums , however after ticking the three boxes, it is not grouping them, it would still show the 3 separate albums.

In general are changes using my iPad or Mac OS app synchronised to each other.

First time using a forum, apologies in advance if I’ve done this the wrong way,


Brian (Scotlan)

Check in settings (general) whether show hidden tracks and albums is selected.

There should be no difference between remotes so this is a settings issue and this is the most likely culprit. (I think)


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It’s not obvious, but the browsing preferences are per device, not universal for all devices. Thus you can set up different preferences on an iPad from a Mac, for example.


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