Issue with importing playlists in new ROCK installation (ref#9IEJ2W)

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Playlists are not imported in new ROCK installation

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Fiber modem, ASUS router, wired connection to NUC

A little more info – the playlists are in /Data/Storage/InternalStorage/music/playlist.

I would suspect the playlist format, but I previously had Roon running under Fedora Linux, and the playlists imported correctly. They are all M3U files

Hi @Doug_Asherman,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. Are these playlists that you made in Roon or a streaming service, or are these playlists subfolders in your watched music folder?
A possibility is that Roon is still working on importing all of your music. I’m seeing some network errors on your server which can cause problems with importing media since Roon tries to identify everything it sees. If this is the case you should see a spinning circle in the upper right corner of the Roon GUI.

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I’ll try to answer all of these questions.

The playlists were created in LogitechMediaServer. They’re in a subdirectory of the music folder: /Data/Storage/Internal/Storage/music/playlist. They are standard (?) M3U files.’

The format of the files is
#EXTINF:142,Love Me Do

I’m fairly sure the tracks have finished importing – there are only about 30K tracks and the import started a few days back. I don’t see any spinning circle at all.

The odd thing is that the playlists wer there until I switched back ot ROCK. Should I try again? I mean to reinstall ROCK.

One other thing I thought of – the first time I set ROCK up, I used the Mac Finder to import the music. The second time, I used rsync. Could that have something to do with it. Sounds wonky, but who knows?

One other issue – I’m seeing two of the playlists, but when I try to delete them, I can’t. Do they have a physical location?


And…one last thing. I reainstalled ROCK and the playlists were still not imported.

Thanks for looking at this.

How are you trying to delete the playlists?
Usually you can go open the playlist and click delete under the three dot menu.

Are all of your playlists not importing?

I was trying to delete the playlists using the three dot menu. I got a message saying that the playlist could not be deleted. Further data point: the playlist did not actually exist – maybe it was cached somewhere?\

None of my playlists are importing.

Thanks for your help! I know we haven’t reached a solution, but I really appreciate it.

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