Issue with iPad client in 1.7 build 571

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Ubuntu 20.4 LTS/NUC i3-8109U CPU 8gb RAM/1.7 build 571

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
1Gbs wired, Meraki switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Since the upgrade to 1.7 build 571 my iPad mini 5th gen running ios 13.5.1 has an issue with the Roon client, the display is “cropped” both on the left and right side and in certain cases navigation elements are completely gone from the screen and it is impossible to go back for example (see screenshots). The issue does not happen every time, but most of the time. It appears that, the first time after the iPad is rebooted, the client is running fine. If I restart the client, the issue appears immediately and then it appears stuck in that “mode”. If I try the client after a couple of days, the issue sometimes disappears, but only once. If I restart the client, the issue comes back.

This makes the Roon iPad client pretty much unusable for me, I would appreciate a quick turnaround in fixing this or a workaround.

Other clients (Mac, iPhone) work without issues.

Thanks in advance,
– Stanislav

This is a bug that occurs when you open the app with the tablet in portrait and then flip it to landscape. For some reason it doesn’t rotate properly.

What should happen is the so should open in landscape orientation regardless but for currently unknown reasons it doesn’t always.

Edit: it’s been happening for longer than 571 also.

I’ve never had this issue before 571 build. My tablet is permanently in rotation lock mode and the app always opens in landscape mode.

Thread here…

Hi @Stanislav_Markovic,

How exactly are you restarting the client in this case (double pressing the home button to bring up force quit)? What are the exact steps you use to get into this state? Do you open other apps in between or just the home menu? Can you please take a screen recording showing both normal behavior and this issue?

Hi @noris,

Yes, I am restarting the client by double pressing the home button, then swipe up. I don’t open other apps. I have a recording where the client is initially in the correct state. Before the first restart I was holding the iPad in landscape mode and the problem was not reproduced . Before the 2nd restart, I held the iPad briefly in portrait mode and the problem was reproduced.

Once the problem appears, I can’t seem to find a straightforward way to get rid of it. No matter which way I turn the iPad, the app always comes back in quasi portrait mode with sides cropped. In the past, if I leave it for some time (a few hours?), it might come back correctly again. Then, if I leave it running, it should be fine.

How can I share the recording with you, it’s about 45 MB?

Best regards,
– Stanislav

Hi @Stanislav_Markovic,

Can you please upload the recording to this link? (<-clickable)
Once you have uploaded it, just let me know here so I can check, thanks!

Hey @noris … it’s uploaded now.

– Stanislav

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Thanks for the video @Stanislav_Markovic!
Let me get this over to the team.

Hi @Stanislav_Markovic,

I took another look over your ticket and one other aspect which would be helpful for the team would be the logs from your iPad. I have just enabled diagnostics mode and you iPad should upload a set of logs next time it’s active, but the Roon app would need to be opened manually. Can you please open the app, let it sit a few minutes, let me know here and then I can check for the diagnostics report? Thanks!

Ok I just restarted the iPad client and the problem was reproduced. Could you please take a look?


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Meanwhile, I think I discovered a workaround – at least it seems to work for me. The steps:

  1. Stop Roon client
  2. Turn off rotation lock
  3. Hold the tablet in landscape mode
  4. Start Roon client
  5. Turn on rotation lock
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Roon will always start in landscape mode if you are holding the iPad in landscape also assuming you do not have rotation lock engaged in portrait mode.

What sometimes happens though is if you inadvertently start Roon in portrait mode, regardless of whether you use rotation lock or not, is that it starts with the borders cropped and then wont flip properly when you go to landscape mode.

So, what you are seeing with the problem is exactly the same as reported on the thread I linked to a few posts up.

Roon iPad client always used to start for me in landscape mode before build 571. Even if I had rotation lock on and held the tablet in portrait mode, it would start in landscape mode.

Yes it usually does for me but if you look at that thread it has been an issue for some pre-571; me included…

Oh I completely agree, I read that thread. It is the same issue. I’m just saying, I’ve never even seen the client in portrait mode – I simply thought it was hardcoded to landscape. Conversely, the iPhone client is (for me, at least) always in portrait mode.

Once the issue with cropped borders starts (which renders the client unusable), I was not even aware how to get out of that situation. The only way would be to leave the tablet for a couple of hours and then, sometimes, the problem would misteriously disappear. The workaround at least takes care of that. I’ve confirmed at least 3 times now that (for me) the sequence I mentioned above always starts the client properly in landscape mode.

Agree - I have never had an issue when starting in landscape mode; it has always opened correctly. Similarly 90% of the time when I accidentally open in portrait mode it flips automatically to landscape but just occasionally it does this funny thing with cropping.

I too have not found any way out other than to completely close the app and restart it remembering to be in landscape to begin with…

Hi @Stanislav_Markovic,

I can confirm that iPad logs have been received and passed to QA for their investigation into this issue.
I also noted your steps to get out of this state on the ticket, let’s hope it helps!

Hi @noris,

Any feedback from the QA?

– Stanislav

Hi @Stanislav_Markovic,

I just checked your case and I see that it is still pending feedback from QA at this time. I have messaged them to see if there’s an update and once I have new info on your case, I’ll reach out here once more. Thanks for your patience!