Issue with iphone to Bluetooth speaker

Roon Core is Synology Diskstation 1618+ with extra ram, external SSD for data. The best possilbe specs for a Roon Core that can be had for this machine.

Everything runs on wifi using Synology Routers and end points which usually works super fine.

Iphone to JBL FLIP mini speaker for bathroom listening

Lots of track in library but never been a problem

Once again, and this happens more than it should, the latest software updates has broken iphone Bluetooth streaming to Bluetooth speakers. The song plays for a minute or two then stops. This has happened through several of your previous updates and you eventually fix it. Time to fix it once again.

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Hi @Steven_Hansen,

Our apologies for the delay in responding. Is your issue still ongoing?

I would be happy to take a look at your diagnostics logging for this event. Can you please recreate the issue and give me a date/time/track played so I can research this for us?


Not a problem, Wes. This issue resolved itself. I tired restarting my phone and on the first try the issue still happened but on the second try it seemed to fix the issue. I’m not sure why restarting the phone would help this but it has worked in the past too. You just should be aware that some updates seem to cause issues with bluetooth streaming from a phone to a bluetooth speaker. Perhaps in the update instructions there should be a mention to restart devices if there are playback issues. I tend to forget to do that. Thanks!

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