Issue with ISP blacklisting service IP and inability to connect to Roon - Request for manual core host IP setting (ref#DD29V8)

Network Setup

· I use a single personal router not provided by my ISP

ARC Status

· ARC is *Not Ready*

Roon Error Code

· doaction request return statuscode: ConnectFailure

Don't give up yet.

· I'm stuck. I'd like to create a post to ask Roon Community for help.

Describe the issue

Dear team,
I just met this issue recently. I guess its my ISP add your service IP in blacklist. (I have no idea why they do this) But actually there are a lot of people met this issue just like me.We cannot connect to roon service and refresh the metadata. And cannot use the roon arc. I could reach to roon metadata service if I add a proxy in my router. But it cannot solve the roon arc issue.(Port mapping will have some issue when using proxy).I just suggest if you can add a manually setting for roon core host ip without route to roon service will help a lot.In that way roon arc app can directly go roon core service in my home instead of through your service.
I am looking forward your response. In the end I will say your roon app is so powerful. It would be a pity if it couldn't be used.
Best regards

Describe your network setup

ISP:China Telecom
NAT type 2.I have a public IP4 address.
Running on synology NAS

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