Issue with login despite successful Tidal integration (ref#KLAPKU)

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Describe the issue is failing to log in even after Tidal integration worked correctly

Describe your network setup

ATT fiber

I’ve even went as far as creating a new account and nothing is working no matter what. am totally dumbfounded and honestly a bit frustrated

I’ve also, logged out of both Qobuz and Tidal within Roon and logged back in

Restarted the device the Roon Core is on

Changed my password

Tried logging in on Roon Remote

Editing my profile in other ways IE profile pic, bday

I foolishly removed Roon on my applications when it decided to randomly show up, as per another thread on here, and Reddit. Apparently music can still scrobble even if Roon is saying it failed, but this is no longer the case and i can’t get Roon to show up in applications again. I don’t really understand how a seemingly basic feature can prove so problematic for me.

Hey @Brandon_Alexander,

Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear about your issue! I see your Roon Server is running on a windows machine, can you confirm Roon has proper access via your windows firewall? The best way to test this temporarily would be to disable it, and see if your issue persists.

If it does, please share the specific date and time when the failure occurs.

Thanks! :+1:

Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay. I disabled Windows Firewall completely and the login is still failing. The last time this happened was today at 6:03 am EST as i’m typing this. As far as troubleshooting goes, i have a M3 Macbook Pro that i could also use, so if there’s a way to transfer my entire Roon Core to that temporarily just to log in to i wouldn’t mind trying that, but it wouldn’t be ideal.

Hi @Brandon_Alexander,

Thanks for the follow up, unfortunately Roon Server logs show no indication of a login attempt at that time, which is odd.

Can you provide more detail around this? Where can’t you get Roon to show in applications?

You wouldn’t need to transfer anything, luckily! You can keep Roon Server running on your Windows and simply download Roon and run Roon as a remote device on your Mac. You can select ‘use as a remote’ after you download and install Roon.

Give this a try and let me know if you’re still unable to login. Here’s a download link:

Good afternoon Benjamin,

I couldn’t get Roon to show up in the applications area in, even though it showed up at one point briefly. It’s not working from the Remote app on my phone either, and i just updated the Remote app. Is there a way for you to remote into my device possibly? Not sure how else to replicate the issue

Hi @Brandon_Alexander,

Thanks for the update!

Could you show a screenshot of what you’re referring to specifically? Even if Roon is no longer present.

Did you also attempt to log in from your Mac running as a remote?

We pulled a fresh diagnostic report from your Roon Server, but didn’t see any traces in relation to lastfm. Could you set your windows 11 machine running Roon Server up via ethernet, directly connected to your primary router, bypassing all other network gear?

Let me know if you still fail to login. :+1:

So this is the applications area in the settings.

My Roon core is connected to my router directly via ethernet and the only gear is a USB to ethernet adapter since the ethernet port on this laptop is broken. I’ve tried logging in from my Mac and my Iphone and none are working. I’m not sure why it’s not showing a lot of the failed attempts, that is strange.

Hi @Brandon_Alexander,

Thanks for the follow-up!

We’re still not seeing any login attempts via your Roon Server, but we are seeing a high volume of network reachability changing, resulting in a few different failed authorizations between your Roon Server and Roons upstream services.

By exploring the broader network issues, I’m hoping we can also get your lastfm issue fixed.

Can you be more specific with your router model? Are you able to review bandwidth settings for your Roon Server machine, as well as any additional network security that may be applied to the device?