Issue with LS50W

My LS50W are making a crackling noise you can even hear it in the tune that plays when they turn off. It seemed to come and go but now it’s all the time. . It’s there via optical, wireless mode and bluetooth. Has anyone experienced this?

Sounds like this is similar to what I had in mine, i had to send them in for repair. They had to replace the boards. It was covered under warranty even though mine were just out of the warranty period.

it’s sounding to me like this is a known issue with these. I’m not going to be to happy if they want me to pay a whole bunch of money to fix something that was faulty to begin with.

For what it is worth I had the same issue with mine, they are in the dealer being repaired right now.

Definitely a dodgy batch out there, KEF could really be handling this better.