Issue with Mac Remote Not Detecting Update 1432 (ref#V8TX0Y)

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Remote doesn't see 1432 update

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Why would the core get updated but not the remote? This doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’ve noticed this as well. My server prompted me for an update to 1432 but not my main remote (Macbook Pro). The release notes for 1432 mention remotes should be getting updates as well so something isn’t right. It is almost like all remotes (not just mobile) are delayed.

Seems to be an Apple thing, since my Windows 11 and Android 12 remotes got the update, but my iPad Air 5 on iOS 17 stays on build 1413 in AppStore also.

There seems to be more going on than just not being able to update. I downloaded the app manually from the website, but it’s not detecting my paired homepods either. Nor are my homepods and apple tvs considered AirPlay2 by Roon. Created a separate issue for that.

I see the same, there is an update for the Android remote app, but still no update for the IOS app.

Appreciate everyone chiming in. But this is not about iOS updates, which is a whole different story altogether. May I kindly ask you to make another ticket for that.

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Remote and the iOS app have just dropped in the UK.


Hi @Nepherte ,

Thanks for reaching out, I checked with the team, but it doesn’t look like they had any issues updating their Mac systems.

Can you please use these instructions to access your Mac logs, upload a set below for review, and let us know afterward? Thanks!

Had my mac stashed away over the weekend. Now that it’s back in use, it has detected the update.


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