Issue with multiple parts (songs) showing up since updating to 1.3


I spoke with Rob Darling at AXPONA, and he suggested I post this issue here.

Ever since updating to Roon 1.3, some selections will have multiple parts, however, in almost every case, each part is the same song. Each part will play before going to the next selection. In addition, a least one album; Tommy (DSD) will show every song, as 24 individual parts, and you cannot play one selection without cycling through every song of the 24. This issue occurs frequently. Probably about 1 in 20 (flat guess). This did not happen until the upgrade.

I am using an ASUS Win 10 64bit laptop.

I appreciate your help!

Here are a couple screen shots:

Hi @Gary_Beard ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. To help aide in my evaluation I would like to kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  1. An expanded description of your current setup as seen here. This can be a brief description, I am just trying to get a better sense of the equipment you are working with and where/how your collection is being stored.

  2. Can you provide me a screenshot from your storage location of an album you are noticing this behavior with? I want to see what your folder structure/naming convention looks like.

  3. You mentioned that you did not notice this issue until the upgrade to 1.3. Besides the upgrade, have there been any other changes to your setup that could have had influence on this?


Hi Eric,

Sure, I’ll post some screen shots tonight.

My chain is a Comcast Technicolor Wi-Fi modem/router with an Ethernet connection a Synology 216J NAS for music storage, and Ethernet connection to my PSA Direct Stream Jr.

Roon Core is running on my Win 10 Laptop (I5 with 8megs RAM, Samsung SSD). Most of the time I use Wi-Fi on the laptop, but I’ve also hardwired it with no discernible difference. I also use a Nexus tablet for control sometimes. Most of my files are in Flac or ALAC, ripped previously in JRMC or iTunes. I also have an number of WAV and DSF files.

My audio system changes regularly, but I do not believe I changed anything within my folder structure that would have contributed to the issue. I did not have this issue with 1.2, it started immediately after the update. Rob thought it might have something to do with Roon’s tagging of multiple versions of the same albums, and in fact, I do have quite a few (DSF vs Flac, Remastered versions, etc.), but I think the Train album, for example, is the only copy I have. Also (unfortunately) for some reason, JRMC created a second copy of many of my recordings. Roon seemed to handle the transition without difficulty, but obviously, that could be a factor.

I hope this helps.


Ok. I think I found one issue (still not sure about Tommy’s problem). It seems that there are multiples of songs. I don’t know whether this happened while updating or before, and updating rescan caused it to show up. These are not different album versions, but simply two songs (sometimes more) that have been renamed with a number after. I have no idea how. But I guess the solution is to delete the duplicates.

Hi @Gary_Beard ----- Thank you for all of the feedback and my apologies for the wait here.

Moving forward, can you confirm for me if you have you have “show hidden albums” engaged or disengaged under the “general” tab found in settings.

Furthermore, in regard to the “Tommy” album, whenever you have a multi part work open in the queue we display the content as such (example below). Can you provide me a screenshot of what your file tags look like for that album?


Hi Eric,

No worries.

No Hidden Albums is not checked.

I’m not sure this snip is not what you are looking for, but here you go:

Hi @Gary_Beard ---- My sincere apologies for the wait here. Another user of ours has posted a similar thread in the “Roon Software” section of community addressing the “Tommy” album and our product manager Mike provided the following: