Issue with NUC and Roon

Hopefully, someone can help me.

I have a mac mini running Roon Server and everything seems fine on that end. I can airplay from the Mac MIni to other speakers. The problem is with the intel NUC (7PJYH) headless and LampizatOr TRP DAC. It keeps losing the connection.The NUC is fed an ethernet line from a switch that includes the Mac Mini. When the Lampi loses the connection, I usually just have to put back the USB with the Roon software into the NUC and reboot and it works fine.

But lately it has been losing connection almost every day for the past week. I am not sure if the NUC is saving the configuration as a Roon Bridge though I click to save the new configurations. I updated the NUC and Mac MIni roon software. When I do save the configuration on the NUC and then go to what music software it is using it shows my a blank list but music is still playing from the DAC without the USB in. If someone can give me advice on how to find out what the issue is, it would be much appreciated. I am not a computer novice but do not have much experience with LInux systems.

If you run the lampi on the Mac usb does it have issues too?

Do you have another system you could try roonbrige on?

I run Roon bridge on my iMac with no issues but it doesn’t connect to another DAC: just powered speakers and airplay. The Mac mini is in another room but I could try it later.

Jason, you’re not from South Devon are you?

No, sorry.

Hi @Jason_Finn,

What is your exact network setup, can you please list the model/manufacturer of all your gear including the router, switch and any range extenders/powerline adapters you may have?

Please try plugging in your Lampizator DAC directly to the Mac Mini to see if the same behavior occurs when connected directly to the Core, as this would be a useful data point to have.

Ok Jason. :+1:

I use the xfinity router modem (ARRIS Group, Inc. TG1682G
Serial #: 3C7A8A9B8AFE), Aumox 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network switch to the NUC. The Mac Mini to DAC - no issues. And, I rebooted the NUC and saved Roon Bridge and settings from Windows 10 USB to RAM yesterday and so far no issues.

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Hi @Jason_Finn,

Thanks for letting me know the issue went away after the reboot!
If it returns, please do let us know and we can investigate further.

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