Issue with one specific DSF file ("an audio file is loading slowly") [Resolved]

I’ve started the process of ripping my SACDs to DSF files, a daunting but at the same time oddly relaxing task! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m only on my second SACD and I’m having some issues with one particular song. The artist is Eric Bibb, album “Just like Love” and song name is “Wrapped up in her arms”. What happens is that I press play, nothing happens and after a few seconds I get this message:
“An audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or hardware problem.”

All other songs on this album work just fine, so does the first SACD I ripped. All files are DSD64. The metadata seems to be read correctly, and the file rights are set the same as for the other files. I noticed that if I disable the DSD -> PCM conversion in the device setup the file seems to play without issues. At least it seems to, unfortunately my DAC does not support DSD so I can’t actually confirm it more than that the slider seems to be moving as expected and no error message are thrown at me.

The conversion steps when I try to play the file (before I get the error message mentioned above and it stops):

DSD to PCM conversion
DSD64 -> 352.8kH PCM

Sample rate conversion
352.8 to 176.4kHz

Bit depth conversion
64bit float to 32bit

I’m running a Roon server 1.3 on a QNAP nas, and a Raspberry Pi 3 with a DIGI+ SPDIF output as RoonBridge (wired, not wifi). I’ve also tried to play this particular song on a android phone and android tablet, with the same result, so I assume the issue is on the Roon server side.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this further?


Can you playback this track via other software , foobar2000 for e.g. ?

I’m running Linux, but installed Jriver and yes, it plays without issues from the NAS.

Hi @Patrick_Jakiel ---- Thank you for confirming that information for us. Would it be possible for you to send us the track in question via a dropbox link in a PM so we can try and reproduce this behavior in house? Let me know :sunglasses:


No problem, sent you a link via PM.


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