Issue with playback on Roon when upsampling FLAC to DSD (ref#COLK7L)

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Using Roon, playing internet radio, and upsampling from Roon from FLAC to DSD, it is impossible to stop the stream; if you reply with an email, I will attach a video.
if I am setting the upsampling in off mode, the stop command is working.

The endpoint is Linn Select DSM upgraded to the last version + ROON core server Lampizator Gulf stream

Many thanks for considering my request.


Roon Server Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

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lampizator gulf stream

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LINN Select DSM rj45 cable

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rj45 cable

What is the processing speed shown in the signal path description (circled in the image below)?

If this is close to (or less than 1), then your Roon Server (the lampizator gulf stream) is not powerful enough to sustain the DSP operations requested. If this is the case, you could try reducing the DSD sample rate. If you are converting to DSD512, for example, you could try to convert to DSD256.

Also, If you are limited by the Roon Server’s DSP processing speed, what setting are you using for “Parallelize Sigma-Delta modulator”?

If you are using less endpoints than you have cores available in your Roon Server, enabling this may help.


The problem with the “stop” command is the same for any upsampling configuration, even in PCMx2. If I enable the upsample in any configuration, the stream is autorestarting after the stop command.

The Gulf Stream has an i9 Intel processor, so I believe it has enough power for DSD64.
But even on PCM upsampling, the phenomenon is the same.

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OK. Just an idea.

X8 should be fine.

Thank you very much for your time

The response from Linn:

Hi Bogdan

Thank you for your reply and follow-up message also with a screenshot.

An engineer has viewed your attached video and the screenshots. He advises that the issue of the music ‘auto-starting’ after Stop has been selected in Roon is something that Roon would be best placed to assist you with. Once the music stream is sent to our DS/DSM players by Roon, Linn have no control as to the behaviour of the Roon operation functions and as such please contact Roon for further assistance.

Best regards


Customer Support

Linn Products Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 141 303 5003

Fax: +44 (0) 141 644 4262


Bogdan, just for giggles, does this also happen when you use the keyboard shortcuts to control playback?
(space bar for play/pause and ctl.T for stop)

Hi Marin
It is happening in any combination.
You can see in this iCloud link.

Thank you

Hi @Bogdan_Gabriel,

Thank you for the report and for supplying the video. We’re investigating with our QA team and will follow up once we’ve reached an actionable conclusion.

In the meantime, to enable diagnostic logging on your RoonServer that will assist with our investigation, please open RoonServer and reproduce the issue once more at your convenience.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your response; I’ll be able to reproduce the issue the following Monday.
Thank you


I just updated Roon to the latest version, and I reproduced the issue again, from my Mac and from my iPhone, both working like remote control for the Lampizator Gulf Stream RoonServer

thank you

Hi @Bogdan_Gabriel,

I wanted to provide an update on the status of this investigation. We’ve identified the instance in logs and passed it to our QA team for reproduction as a potential Stop command mishandling under these particular conditions. However, if you can specify - does this occur regardless of the internet radio stream you’re playing, as long as the upsampling to DSD and Linn endpoint is consistent?

If you temporarily install a RoonServer instance on your Mac, can you reproduce this using that as the main RoonServer? (First, create a Backup, then download RoonServer to your Mac and deauthorize the original RoonServer instance for testing).