Issue with playback skipping on Roon app (ref#73YPQH)

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I don’t know why, for example, on my Apple Ipad when I launch the Tidal app I can play the selected songs and on the Roon app when selecting the same songs the system skips over them and doesn’t play them. This applies to some tracks e.g. Bliss Greatest Hits :frowning:

Roon Core Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

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Roon Core Specifications

NAS TD-253

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Mark Levinson No 519

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Please advise me what I can do so that the CDs described above, for example Bliss can odftworzyć using Roon and my ML 519.

At the moment it switches utowiry as if they were not available and on the TIDAL account I can play them without any problem.

It’s probably caused by wifi. Roon recommends that the Core uses wired Ethernet.

Roon and Tidal work differently. With Tidal, the streamer decodes the compressed files that come from Tidal.

With Roon, the compressed files are first sent to the Core, where they are decompressed. Then the decompressed audio data is sent to the streamer.

This has various advantages, but the price is that it puts a higher load on the network. Specifically, wifi cannot send and receive at the same time. This is why Roon recommends to put the Core on Ethernet.

For testing if this is really the cause, try to run an Ethernet cable to the Core, at least temporarily.

Another possibility is that you are using DSP (MUSE) in Roon and that your Core is not fast enough for your DSP settings.

Hi @tomek.chodziez,

Thank you for your patience.

We’ve examined diagnostic reports from your RoonServer machine automatically sent to our servers and identified timeouts with Tidal content, including tracks from the artist (Bliss) that you mentioned in your report.

These corroborate @Suedkiez’s suspicion above, that the sensitivity of the WiFi connection is to blame here.

If you’re doing any of the following within Roon on your iPad, it will create conditions for the audio stream to be extra sensitive to packet loss: applying any additional DSP in Muse, playing to grouped Zones, playing to the System Output on your iPad. This is particularly true if the RoonServer machine itself is connected via WiFi.

While Roon can often recover, if too much content is lost, it will skip tracks rather than attempt to play a corrupted stream.

Do you experience this when playing to different endpoints or Zones? What about with different file types, sample rates, etc?

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