Issue with Playing to Multiple Sonos Speakers and Stereo via ROON Server (ref#DWQ41N)

What’s happening?

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Describe the issue

I would like to play to my five Sonos speakers (a pair of 5s, 1s and Move and also to my stereo which has a ROON ready server and player that connects to a DAC and then to my receiver (Cambridge XLR100). I can’t see my player on the options and only seem to be able to group a limited number of Sonos speakers. I can play to the 5s and Move for example. I really love the sound through ROON-want to spread the love to all my speakers!

Describe your network setup

Modem is from my ISP, don’t know the brand. Router is TP-LINK AC 4000. Switch is NETGEAR ProSafe GS105. The server is SonicTransporter and player is Ultra Rendu both from small green computer.

Hello @petefrie50,

Thanks for your message. This is expected behavior in Roon, you can only group zones that follow the same protocol - SONOS with other SONOS, Airplay with Airplay, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like your Sonos devices all support Airplay, so you’d be limited to only grouping the ones that support Airplay with your Rendu via Airplay. For more information, please see the below guide. Hope this helps!

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