Issue with ROCK on 8i3BEK [resolved]


I have the same issue with the last update done 1 hour ago. My ssd is not found when trying to recover. It is a nvme ssd (LDLC F8 Plus).
However the ssd is not dead, I can install it and check its health on my main computer. The nuc is also detecting it in the bios and the boot is launched till the kernel panic.

The nuc is a 8i3BEK (latest bios update) with 8GB of GSKILL ddr4 memory

Thanks for the details, @Pierre_Lecomte. Do you have any internal music storage? USB storage? Any other devices connected to the NUC?

Hi @dylan,

Thanks for the answer. I didn’t have any storage or other peripheral (external or internal) connected to the nuc. The only disc installed in the nuc was the operating system one.
The only modification done was about the mp3 codecs and roon was looking for music on a NAS and on Qobuz.

The build 227 solves the issue on my side. Thank you for the quick support!

just in case anyone has the same issue and missed it: