Issue with Roon Album Tags not linking to existing tag in library (ref#X0EFCI) [Roon Investigating]

Hi @benjamin it’s been over a month now, do you have any insight into what happened here?

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Unfortunately, our team was not able to discover anything of value in regard to the issue. However, it appears to be specific to your database in this case.

None the less, I’m glad to hear you were able to self-diagnose and get things back into a functioning state. :+1:

Hi @benjamin, this is deeply disappointing. It might well by unique to my database but this doesn’t change the fact I have not been provided with an answer as to why Roon refuses to accept a roonalbumtag that worked perfectly fine one minute and then stopped the next. I really feel I should not have had to change my tags to skirt around the problem. What’s to stop this from happening again? It doesn’t give me much faith in the underlying database structure Roon maintains.

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