Issue with Roon ARC connection when away from home (ref#OXDR94)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

What best describes your issue with ARC

· I can't log into ARC but I can log into Roon

Describe the issue

I have a separate wifi router which is connected to my cable router via ethernet. I have upnp enabled on the separate wifi router. I can use Roon arc when I am on my wifi network at home. but when I am away from home, I cannot connect to arc from my phone. I am getting this message when I tested Roon arc in Roon settings. {
"ipv4_connectivity": {"status":"NetworkError","status_code":504,"error":"error: Error: ETIMEDOUT, response code: undefined, body: undefined connected? undefined"},
"external_ip": {"actual_external_ip":"","actual_external_ipv6":"null","router_external_ip":""},
"natpmp_autoconfig": {"status":"NotFound"},
"upnp_autoconfig": {"server_ip":"","found_upnp":true}

Describe your network setup

I have an Eero wifi network router connected to Verizon cable router via ethernet. I use Eero wifi for internet access

Hi @sasbyte,

If you have two routers active in your setup, then the second router has placed your RoonServer behind a “double NAT” layer that translates its IP address before reaching ARC through the open port.

Since you only rely on the downstream router (Eero) for WiFi, then you’ll need to place the upstream (Verizon) gateway in “Bridge Mode” to make sure it’s not translating the IP address of your RoonServer before it can reach ARC.

Try this article for putting the Verizon in IP Passthrough/Bridge mode: Verizon Internet Gateway - Configure IP Passthrough / Bridge Mode

Please let us know if that helps.

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