Issue with Roon ARC Freezing When Accessing Joe Henry's Discography (ref#32U5YF)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

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Describe the issue

I have had a pretty good experience with ARC the last 6-9months. I am not a frequent user, but when i have had the desire, ARC has been resilient and played nice.
Now, this morning, it seems to have developed an allergy towards Joe Henry... I have tried many times to have a look at both my Albums and his discography with the same result, Roon ARC freezes up... Whats a bit strange is that if i press Play my iPad obliges and plays the selected track, even while Roon ARC goes catatonic.

This seems to point towards this particular RoonARC install, on an iPad Pro 12.9" (Gen4, 2020) which was freshly reset and installed as a new iPad last week.

Describe your network setup

I'm on a strong WiFi wih a 5G router here, pretty decent bandwidth, but not like fibre

Feel free to close this, for unknown reasons the behaviour went back to normal?
I can browse and filter at will again?

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