Issue with Roon Backup on New iMac (ref#2GT4WQ)

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I have just moved over my library from to 2019 iMac with a fresh install of the latest Roon as per the installer from the website. I'm having trouble wth backups. I have it set up the same as I did on my old machine (the new machine was restored from a backup from the old machine) but Roon isn't doing the daily morning backup.

Describe your network setup

iMac 2019 running OS 14.5. Library is on an external hard drive.

Hello @fireapple ,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please share a few screenshots of the error message displayed? If you try to temporarily set up another backup location such as the local Mac hard drive, does that work as expected? Did you use any migration assistant or Time Machine backups to migrate the Roon install?

I’m not getting any error messages but can tell from the folder the backups aren’t happening. I migrated/restored from an external hard drive. I set up two temporary locations as you suggested, one local and one on another external hard drive but no backups happened.


Seems there was a random first back up last night at 10pm.

Hi @fireapple,

Thanks for the report!

Can you be more specific as to where the backup is failing? Can you share a screenshot of the storage path in Roon as well?


Is the backup supposed to happen at the time you choose? If so this isn’t happening. And it’s not happening every day, there seems to have only been two backups since I set it up a week ago I see there was another backup at 10am today. You can see my path in the image above.

Hi @fireapple,

Assuming your Roon Server is active, with an established connection to the directory path yes it happens at the selected time.

What is the status of your iMac at 7am?

I don’t see the path of your local attempt - If you set up a backup location directly to the desktop of the iMac at a specific time, do you run into the same issue?

With that, I’m seeing a repeating pattern of network connection dropping around the time of your scheduled backup, for example:

07:02:49 Trace: [push2] exception thrown. restarting connection (net_WebSockets_ConnectionClosedPrematurely_Generic)
07:02:49 Trace: [push2] retrying connection in 61477ms

Can you confirm the iMac has a steady connection to your LAN around the time of the scheduled backup?

The iMac is always on overnight but always asleep at 7am but there is always access to wifi. With the old machine it used to do a time machine backup every hour but now I only have that backing up at 9am daily, maybe the new machine isn’t waking up at 7am? I have checked that wake for network access is on. I will set Roon to try for a 9am backup and see if that works.

Thanks, @benjamin.

Looks like it didn’t attampt a backup today.

Hi @fireapple,

There’s certainly something odd going on, do you have any VPNs or external networks active along side the subnet Roon is on?

I think you may be onto something - we’re seeing a consistent search for connection from your Roon Server logs, with repeating UPnP failures:

Trace: [upnp/service] canceling subscription, URI: http://192.168.1.x:xxxx/oCQUoGd/evt/IPConn
Trace: [push2] exception thrown. restarting connection (net_WebSockets_ConnectionClosedPrematurely_Generic)
Trace: [push2] retrying connection in 84080ms

I do however see a successful backup occurring around 11pm UTC time on 06/27:

[broker/backups] successful sync on FileBrowser.Entry:  Audio, Samsung PSSD T7 Media : /Roon Backups/RoonBackups

No, nothing like that at all.

My daily CCC backup is happening at the correct time daily so it’s waking up for that.

There was a Roon backup around midday today.

Hi @fireapple,

Can you next test out not letting the machine fall into sleep mode, and see if the same issue persists?