Issue with Roon losing control of Sonos audio device (ref#YBATV3)

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When I try to use roon app to control sonos I get a message that roon lost control of audio device. I have rebooted my system, my router, the Sonos modules and it still doesn’t work. When I first started my trial, is worked perfectly. It’s clearly an interface issue. My free trial ends in a couple of days and I was initially planning on purchasing a lifetime subscription. This gives me great pause. Please help ASAP

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Dell Inspiron operating windows 11. I have SSD drive and plenty of RAM. It works fine on my upstairs stereo. I have a great router and 1GB of internet speed

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The audio devices that are not operational are all Sonos devices (Port, Move and two Sonos one speakers). They are all connected wirelessly. Remember, this worked perfectly when I started my trial.

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Arris surfboard modem and Linksys node router system with four nodes

It just occurred to me, after having just initiated this post re Roon and Sonos, that my problems using Roon with Sonos commenced simultaneous with the announcement that Roon was purchased by Harman. Is Sonos still Roon ready? The Roon team needs to explain what changes have occurred as a result of the merger and whether Sonos will continue to be able to operated (whereas it is not right now) with Roon in future especially since Harman announced plans to produce its own Sonos-like products.

Hi Brad just a fellow Roon and Sonos user.

No changes have occurred to Roon and Sonos has never been Roon Ready. Sonos has the ability to work with Sonos through SononosNet or Airplay (more modern devices).

You will find many threads relating to issues like this and one recommendation is to only have one Sonos device connected via Ethernet and another is to limit Roon Streaming to Sonos to 16/44.1

Both of these have known improvements for a number of user’s.

SonosNet streaming can be challenging as it is dynamic Mesh network that can change things and routing on its own.

Having been a Sonos user since 2006 I have limited my connections to 16/44 and only have a Sonos boost connected to Ethernet with everything else running WiFi.

I am experiencing the exact same issue with my Sonos Move using with Roon. It just started happening within the last week. Before that it works great for the last several months. I bought it in the spring and used it all summer. Trying to use it with a Roon and I get “lost control of audio device”. Have reset the device no luck. It still works with airplay using Roon. Disappointing !

To Michael, if you google sonos roon ready it appears that it is supported (to some degree). To both, miraculously, Roon started playing on my Sonos this afternoon. Go figure. The Roon wizard apparently made some adjustments. I do wonder whether the Harman acquistition, which may be viewed as a threat to Sonos, will impact going forward. I love Roon, when it works, but am hesitate to commit to a lifetime subscription given quirks and the recent acquistion.

Hi Brad I am glad to hear it is working again and this is not that uncommon for Roon/Sonos
I don’t think Harman/Roon can afford to ignore the Sonos devices (though Roon have certainly tried to ignore issues in the past) as they are easily the biggest devices on the market.

I am almost 5 years into a lifetime subscription and started with 100% Sonos setup and now I am about 30% Sonos but still have 4 zones.

You might still want to look at the changes I recommended as by limiting the output to 16 bits you reduce the network traffic which helps manage bandwidth and does not impact Music quality.
You can find it in Device Setup and in show advanced. Just set it as below.

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I just signed up for a year of Roon. The recent sale and some early problems with Sonos scared me off from a lifetime membership. Shortly before I subscribed, the Sonos link magically began working. I only had one blip recently due I think to one Sonos speaker dropping off. I reconnected it through the Sonos app and Roon began working again. I’ve never had a problem with my main system with my Eversolo streamer. I pay for 1gb of internet. Fingers crossed that it will continue working with my Sonos

Found a roon thread from 2017 saying that with RAAT you should enable network “flow control” for endpoint to circumvent certain network related issues. So, for a managed switch or router you may check this.

Roon do not generally recommend managed switches and suggest good old fashioned dumb switches in their places

That’s right. But in case flow control is turned off it should be turned on according to roon.

Understood, I took my managed switches out and I replaced them with simple Netgear switches.

I rebuilt my network and Sonos setup several times with different Roon and Sonos issues and thankfully it is pretty much perfect now :grin:

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