Issue with Roon playback on Synology NAS (ref#GI4ECY)

What best describes your playback issue?

· Playback starts, but I don't hear any music

Is there a specific error message you see? If so, please select from the following options:

· Other

Please try to reboot your Roon Server and check to see if this helps.

· Rebooting my Server had no effect, the issue remains

Please try to reboot and unplug/replug in your affected audio device and check to see if this helps.

· Rebooting and unplugging/replugging my audio device, the issue remains

Please open your Roon Remote and select the "System Output" Zone and try to play to it. Do you encounter any playback errors with this Zone?

· I don't have a System Output available, but I'd like to keep troubleshooting

Please try fully rebooting your network equipment

· No, I'm still having trouble

An issue with playback on System Output and another zone often indicates a network security problem. *Check your firewall(s)* to ensure that *Roon*, *RoonServer *and *RAATServer* are allowed to properly communicate

· I'm still having problems / This isn't relevant to me

Does the issue happen with local library music, streaming service music, or both?

· Both local and streaming content are affected

Please try playing content of a lower sample rate (44.1kHz or 48kHz). Do you still have the same issue?

· No, lower sample rates are still affected

What is the model/manufacturer of the affected audio device(s) and the connection type?

· Devialet Expert 220: Serial no. 17872F2. Connected via hardwired Ethernet to my router. Everything else, including playback over the same device from any other source over the network works fine. Only Roon playback fails.

Describe the issue

Roon playback has simply stopped working
I have Room installed on my Synology NAS. I can play both digital music files and Qobuz streamed music over my network to my music device (a Devialet) or indeed to any other device e.g. via bluetooth _by any other method except Roon_. Roon can see both my local digital music library and my Qobuz albums. It can also see my Devialet. It sees the Devialet is turned on and it can also adjust the volume on the device. But if I play music, nothing happens. If I go to the Roon app and choose "library -> cleanup" I can play one or two tracks but it then stops working again. I have tried every combination of restarting the NAS, the Devialet, and in Roon rescanning the music library, library cleanup, etc. I like Roon but it is becoming a high-maintenance disappointment. What can I do?

Describe your network setup

Ethernet LAN. Hard-wired connection from router to Devialet music device. Roon apps installed on Andoid, iPad, MacOS, Linux etc. - problems the same in every case. Roon server installed on Synology NAS DS918+, running DSM DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 6. Roon server running on NAS is version 2021-08-09.

What version of ffmpeg do you have installed?

Any reason you don’t want to run DSM 7.2?

Have you tried uninstalling Roon on NAS and reinstalling from RoonOnNAS – Use your NAS as a Roon Core ?

What if you complete power down your Devialet and remove powerplug?

Thanks - I had tried that. Sometimes works, but in this case no. However, now solved. See my reply to DDPS above.

Many thanks DDPS. Hadn’t installed 7.2 because my DSM stated it was up to date on 7.1.1. Following your post, I downloaded and installed 7.2 manually (wonder why Synology didn’t install or at least prompt that there was a new version?). Anyway, I then uninstalled, redownloaded and installed the Roon On NAS package. Finally, I got Roon running again, went to settings and chose Library->Clean Up Library. After that, worked fine. Thanks a lot!

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Regarding ffmpeg - I have no idea. I don’t remember installing it anywhere, ever. But it doesn’t seem to matter. All good now.

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Very good. I was referring to:

But if everything’s working, no need to install!

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