Issue with Roon search for MFSL tag albums (ref#WA5HK7)

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After installing a new server for Roon i wanted to add some albums to a Tag, my MFSL rips.
They are labeled "[MFSL]" in their foldernames, so Roon tags them as this, to the Version data.

I have previously tried to find them using Search, but Roon only returns 50 results...

Anyways, when searching for "MFSL" or "mfsl" today, i only get:
Cant connect to Roon Search...

Kind of irrelevant, don't you think? All of these are present locally, on the internal drive of the ROCK server or on a network storage.

Describe your network setup

Wired Core, wireless controller (iPad Pro M2)

I think that it is the string MFSL itself that is causing Roon Search to have a conniption:

@zenit… one for you, I think?


Yes, i agree that it seems to be the string itself that confuses.
And i should have been clearer, all other searches are fine, it’s those particular phrases that goes awry.

FWIW it doesn’t fail for me (though it’s not clear where most of the results come from)

Hints work, but press enter, and you’ll see! :grinning:

I posted the wrong screenshot, but it doesn’t fail for me with All Results either:

Hmm, i just joined Early Access as i am running a NUC13 at this time, are you on Production or Early?

My server is running RoonOS b260 and Roon 2.0 b1436.

What about you @Geoff_Coupe ?

Similar issue nere:

I am on EA 1436 ROCK though I didn’t update Roon OS to 260. On a NUC10, remotes are macOS and iOS. DNS is Cloudflare.

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ROCK/NUC is EA on build 1436 with RoonOS at 259 (it’s a 7th gen NUC - it didn’t update, because it’s not needed)

BTW, I do see results in the dropdown, but clicking all results gives me the “Can’t connect…”)

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Thanks for reporting this. I’ll have a look - if it’s related to Searching Returns Error I’ll probably merge the threads.

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