Issue with Roon stopping consistently

I am a long-time ROON user and am usually very happy. Lately, however, I have been not so joyful. ROON simply stops working out of the blue. It happens mostly in the late evening and not during the day, and I am wondering if that has something to do with the problem. Perhaps it is due to the server that supplies this region, as some of my audio friends are having the same issue. However, I am not steeped in the knowledge necessary to pursue that line. I am in the Pacific Time Zone.

I know that it is ROON itself because I use Tidal for my streaming service. When ROON stops working, I can immediately switch to Tidal Connect and stream the exact same song without a problem. Therefore it is not my hardware, my home network or my ISP. It is ROON itself.

It’s very frustrating when I am enjoying the tunes, and the trance is interrupted by the inadequacy of the ROON software. Several years ago, this did occur for many months, and eventually, it stopped, most likely due to a software update. I hope a fix is out there soon.

If anyone has any ideas or is suffering from similar circumstances then please comment.

It could be a problem with Tidal’s service in your area. Roon downloads tracks in a burst of maximum rate traffic and buffers the tracks in the Roon Server. Tidal itself just streams at a constant rate. Again, the network and server utilisation within Tidal’s infrastructure are quite different.

However, I do not believe that the performance of Roon, itself, would be affected by the performance (or lack thereof) of Roon Cloud Servers except when performing search and/or analysis tasks. I do not believe that Roon Cloud servers are involved in music playback.

This is not necessarily the case. The local network traffic patterns using Roon and Tidal Connect are very different. It is quite possible to have a network problem that affects Roon but not Tidal Connect. Having said that, such problems would not usually be sensative to time of day (although they may be sensative to environmental factors like temperature which are themselves varying with time of day).

If you were to describe your system, the way that the various network components are connected to the router and describe what happens and what you were doing (if anything) when Roon stops we may be able provide suggestions (or explanations) with more confidence.

Do the issues occur more often with hi-res streaming or do they happen irrespective of the sample rate and bit depth of the streamed track?

When streaming a track from Tidal that has had issues before, what does the Roon signal path look like? Is you Roon Server working near its full capacity?

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