Issue with Roon's Detection of Amanero Combo 384 (USB) for Upsampling DACs (ref#FT9P8E)

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roon doesnt see mij amanero combi 384(usb) foobar is always working,and also a computer what runs with a cambridge dac upsamling dac refuses

Describe your network setup

modem is KPN Sagem v12,and there are some switches (1gb) to transport network in the whole house,but i think network is fine,it works also with foobar,the dac drivers is the problem,roon doesnt see them

Hello @fixniks,

Thanks for reaching out with your report. When you try to play to your System Output zone and have the system selected to output the Amanero zone, does that work as expected? Is the issue the same if you plug in the device to the Roon Server and to Roon Remotes as well? Is there any change in behavior if you exit RoonServer (including task bar area) + Roon and re-open it?

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