Issue with Smart Downloaded Tracks Not Showing in Offline Mode (ref#T1XW9U)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

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Describe the issue

I can’t see any of my “smart download” tracks in offline mode. They appear when I reconnect to the internet but when I’m offline, only albums that I’ve recently looked at show up. This defeats the whole purpose of the many gigabytes of audio arc has smartly downloaded to my device.

Describe your network setup

Shouldn’t be relevant since I’m attempting to listen to audio stored locally on my phone. The whole point is presumably that I don’t need to connect to my home server first to play the audio.

Hello @Barry_Nelson ,

Thanks for reaching out with your report. This doesn’t sound like expected behavior, have you ensured that you are using the latest version of ARC? What does the Smart Download status say when you click on it? Can you please confirm if reinstalling the ARC app from Apple app store triggers any change in behavior? Thanks!

Hi @Barry_Nelson,

Did you see my colleague’s response above? We’re curious if you’ve been able to restore Smart Downloads with any of the suggestions above. Thanks!