Issue with streaming interruption on Hegal H390 when using Roon and Bluesound Powernode (ref#8TDKLR)

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Describe the issue

When Roon is running on Hegal H390, and then a 2nd endpoint (Bluesound Powernode) is started, the streaming on the Hegal stops playing.

Describe your network setup

Windows Roon Server. All Roon endpoints are hardwired.

Hello @Brian_McGregor ,

Thanks for reaching out with your report. I’ve activated diagnostics mode for your account to get a better idea of the issue. According to the log, it looks like the issue primarily happens when you play internet radio, is this correct? If you try to play local/TIDAL or Qobuz content, does the issue reproduce at all? I suspect that the connection to the radio station servers may be a bit unstable.

Hello - Sorry that I didn’t see your message until now. Your are correct:
Play internet radio on Hegal, start internet radio on Bluesound and Hegal stops playing.
A combination where one or the other is playing local playlist, and it doesn’t turn off.

Okay that would confirm @noris’s suspicion that this has to do with the connection to upstream servers. Do you have any firewalls running? If you do try whitelisting Roon, RoonServer and RAATServer.

Hi Daniel - On the Roon Server, all that’s running is Windows Defender Firewall. I have gone into “allow apps” and “ticked” both private and public access for anything related to Roon or RAAT.
Network does go through a managed LUXUL switch, but I’m not an expert on that device.