Issue with the app to add albums to MY LIBRARY

Hi, I have a Nucleus + Tidal. I have Roon installed on my Mac and on my iPhone.

I have 2 issues :rofl:

  1. On my Mac (see picture attached), Roon keeps running and seems unable to sync.
  2. On my iPhone, I cannot add any albums from Tidal to my Library. When I click on the + to add to my Library, Roon says it is added but when I look in my library the album is not added.

Can you help

Hi @Benjamin_Dubost ,

Thanks for reaching out. Is the behavior the same even on the latest Roon version? Have you performed a full reboot of your Nucleus recently? I would try to take the Roon update and then perform a reboot via the WebUI to ensure everything is in a fresh state.

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